General abbreviations

  • Nom: Major-party nominee
  • Qual: Qualified candidacy
  • Win: General-election winner

Statistical categories

  • CS: Campaign score
  • CV%: Chance of victory
  • EV: Electoral votes
  • EV%: Percentage of electoral votes
  • EV*EQ: Equalized electoral votes
  • PI: Potential index
  • P-State: Personal state index
  • PV: Popular votes
  • PV%: Percentage of popular votes
  • PV% (rest): Percentage of popular votes in the rest of the nation
  • PV% (state): Percentage of popular votes in a given state
  • PV*EQ: Equalized popular votes
  • ROP: Return on potential
  • SC: States carried
  • Tot EV: Total electoral votes cast
  • Tot PV: Total popular votes cast


Political parties

  • AI: American Independent
  • AM: Anti-Masonic
  • AW: American-Whig
  • CU: Constitutional Union
  • D: Democratic
  • DR: Democratic-Republican
  • F: Federalist
  • FL: Farmer-Labor
  • FS: Free Soil
  • GBK: Greenback
  • GRN: Green
  • I: Independent
  • LIB: Libertarian
  • LR: Liberal Republican
  • LTY: Liberty
  • NR: National Republican
  • NU: National Unity
  • P: Progressive
  • POP: Populist
  • PRO: Prohibition
  • R: Republican
  • REF: Reform
  • SD: Southern Democratic
  • SOC: Socialist
  • SRD: States’ Rights Democratic
  • TC: Taxpayers and Constitution
  • U: Union
  • W: Whig

Note: If two party abbreviations are linked by a hyphen, the candidate ran simultaneously on both tickets. If they’re separated by a slash, the candidate began the year in one party before switching to the second.